Enjoy a unique Sino-French experience!

The Post-Master “International Energy Management” (ALEF) is a double-degree English-taught programme in the field of Energy Management with an international approach. It delivers:

  • A French “Mastère Spécialisé” degree, delivered by Mines ParisTech and INSA de Lyon
  • A Chinese “Master of Engineering” degree, delivered by Tsinghua University in Beijing.

20 students per year

6 months intership

8 months immersion in the Energy domain

200 graduate students

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Study Trip in progress … China 2019

The 2019 ALEF tour has just began. Today we visit the 8×1000 MW nuclear construction site at Tianwan, using 6 PWR reactors with a Russian design, and 2 PWR reactors with a French design.
The 2019 China tour continues


Registrations are open.

The online registration server is open from January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

Attention, your administrative registration will be validated only when the parts that will be requested to you will be transmitted and accepted, and that the payment will be taken into account.



Unit 1 : Linguistic and Cultural Preparation

Chinese language and culture
French language for Chinese students

Unit 2 : International Energy Panorama

Worlwide and regional energy panoramas
Energy policies & Energy markets
Rational Use of energy and Demand Side Management
Greenhouse effect and Energy related polluting emissions
Environmental assessment tools (LCA) and Economical Impacts (External cost, …)

Unit 3 :Energy Projects Management

Innovative Energy Project Financing
Innovation management
Economic analysis
Business models and business plan

Unit 4 : Energy technology alternatives for the future

Renewable energies
Fossil, nuclear technologies and advanced coal technologies
Hydrogen technologies and economy
Demand-side management
Fusion, ocean energies
Mobility, electric vehicles, and biofuels
Carbon capture and storage


How to apply

  • Duration: 14 months
  • Beginning of the programme: October, year N
  • End of the programme: December, year N+1
  • Location: Sophia Antipolis (near Nice), Paris, then Beijing
  • Tuition fees: 13 000€ (with a possibility of industrial sponsorship)

Admission: on application, after interview

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Study trips

During your training you will have the opportunity to visit many industrial sites related to energy

Discover the energy problems linked to the insularity of Corsica (France)

Master ALEF - Corsica 2017
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Understand the energy management of a country and be able to take courses like Krakow University in Poland

ALEF Study Tour in Poland 2018
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And bin of other trip in China and around the world …